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In a world fueled by connection, community and culture, consumers want more than a transaction, they’re demanding deeper relationships with brands. This power shift comes at a time when people are inundated with more choice and more information, while what they seek is value and purpose. Layer on brand curators (i.e. Amazon) acting as filters or guarantors of brands and what we have is a ‘New Loyalty’ model. Join BuzzFeed and Wavemaker as they unveil insights and research on the ‘The New Loyalty Paradigm’.

With access to everything making it harder for brands to uniquely stand out, learn how the new drivers of loyalty can move customers past price and convenience to truly foster long term brand love through insights from BuzzFeed and Wavemaker’s unique research on ‘The New Loyalty Paradigm’.

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  1. Hear the hard truth on loyalty today and what influences brand preference in a world filled with choice
  2. Understand how cultural relevance drives purchase decision and how its moved consumers to focus on loyalty of me
  3. Explore the role that platforms play in brand choice at key points of the purchase journey

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Claire Atkinson Senior Media Editor NBC News Digital
David Gaines Chief Strategy Officer Wavemaker
Edwin Wong VP of Research and Insights Buzzfeed

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