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People are using mobile messaging to communicate with friends, family, and increasingly businesses. This provides businesses with a powerful opportunity to connect with their customers in a way that is personal and contextual, but many brands are unsure where to start. Join Stan Chudnovsky, Facebook’s VP of Messenger, Colleen Leddy, Chief Media Officer at Droga5 and Eric Toda, Head of Marketing at Hill City, for a lively conversation about the challenges and opportunities messaging presents to businesses large and small. They will discuss how Hill City, a newly launched men’s athleisure brand by Gap, is using Messenger to digitize the storefront, and more broadly how marketers can tap into the potential of messaging to solve problems for people, and drive value for their business.

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  1. How to go from zero to launch with messaging for your business
  2. Messaging best practices and common pitfalls to avoid
  3. What success looks like for a messaging strategy

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Stan Chudnovsky VP, Messenger Facebook
Colleen Leddy Chief Media Officer Droga5
Eric Toda Head of Marketing Hill City

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