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Video streaming services, TV networks and social media platforms are all competing simultaneously to provide a broad array of video content to consumers, and subsequently are competing for associated advertising revenue. In the entertainment and media industry, convergence has changed the nature of this competition and in many instances have these players working closer together than ever before. Those who succeed are doing so by focusing on direct user relationships, forging bonds with fans, using data to provide a personalized user experience, creating compelling advertising products and generally leveraging the loyalty and engagement that quality content can create.

In this session, chief multiplatform executives explore the best advertising campaigns and audience engagement strategies for various TV services, spanning pay TV, ad-supported OTT, social media platforms, and subscription-based models.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Find out how the traditional TV market may reinvent and maintain itself in a world of streaming.
  2. Business examples of how video has become personalized to the viewers.
  3. Learn how will trust play a role in the way television and online video advertising come together.

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Stefanie Kane Southwest Market Managing Partner PwC
David Levy Executive Vice President, Non-Linear Revenue Fox Networks Group
Krishan Bhatia Executive Vice President, Business Operations & Strategy NBCUniversal
Brett Wein Head of Global Business Solutions Snapchat

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