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How often had you had a mail from a Professor asking for a favour? A visit? A talk? A placement? Universities have been a drain on resources rather than a resource. But the best universities are sites of practice-research, the sorts of new thinking we need. They are more than a source of labour or a millennial focus group, they can be partners. With a new relationship, both agencies and universities (and students) can benefit. In this session industry and education stakeholders look for a new model.

Agencies often get approached by academics asking for help. “Could you do a guest lecture? Could you take a group of students on a tour? Could we have a Brief? Any chance of an internship?” Long suffering agency staff give up time and resources but what do they get in return? UK academic Paul Caplan believes agencies can get something too. His advertising degree in London has worked closely with Mediacom Beyond Advertising and in this session he discusses how the partnership worked and what the agency got out of the partnership. He’s joined by Matt Scheckner, CEO of Stillwell Partners, Laura Stroup, Head of Talent North America at BBH, Larry Swyer, Managing Partner at MediaCom and Mike Cuthell of the Young Creative Council to discuss how agencies can get more from the academia-industry deal.” Some thoughts on AW360:

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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. A model for an industry-academia partnership based on mutual benefit
  2. A way of thinking of academic institutions as a practice-research 'laboratory' for industry
  3. A discussion between stakeholders about future prospects for education and training


Dr. Paul Caplan Course Leader MA in Advertising London College of Communication
Mike Cuthell Director Young Creative Council
Alex Monger Business Director BBH
Larry Swyer Managing Partner MediaCom

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