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How can brands move at the speed of mom? How can marketing and customer experience leaders design experiences, products, solutions, and content that is built for Moms?

Get Moms to help.

Big data is a powerful tool, but moms are too complex to be captured by an algorithm. Traditional research can be slow, in-actionable, and costly. June Cleaver Is Dead will demonstrate how an agile insight practice gets to the “why” that Big Data misses by leveraging Thick Data; qualitative insights with a human touch. We’ll demonstrate how an agile insight practice can flex and inform the entire process of innovation, ideation, testing, learning, and scaling. One that addresses the emotional and functional needs of modern moms, amplifies and guides big data, and drives your business.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Thick Data is needed in addition to Big Data to tell us "Why" and "What if".
  2. An Agile Insights Practice can help brands get access to Thick Data quickly, efficiently and effectively.
  3. The Mother Board is an Agile Insights Practice that provides human context to a brand's Big Data, leading to ideas for future innovation.


Kinley Lagrange Head of Partnership June Cleaver is Dead
Skyler Mattson President and Founder of JCID WONGDOODY

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