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In March 2018, the 3% Movement teamed with Grey to launch “The Progress Brief." This new brief template, used by every team for every assignment within the agency, made Grey the first company to include 3%-approved diversity language on an official briefing document – just as imperative as every other business objective on the brief. In addition to 3%'s efforts ensuring diverse teams work on all projects, the Progress Brief ingrains inclusion even further: now, as teams develop creative solutions, ideas would always respect and reflect the diverse world of consumers. If the work doesn’t respect human diversity, it shouldn’t advance. So, how goes the progress on The Progress Brief? In this frank fireside discussion, we explore the victories and challenges of the program thus far, and the new conversations sparked across the agency by this new brief. What are the signs that it’s working? Was there pushback? Is it possible to make diversity an element of every creative idea? How might the approach change to align everyone involved – strategists, creatives, clients – to ensure everyone is moving forward together? And is this an approach the industry can adapt and adopt? Progress depends on it.


Kat Gordon Founder/CEO The 3% Movement
Suresh Nair Chief Creative Intelligence Officer Grey

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