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What are we really paying for with advertising budgets, if not for a brief moment of consumers' time?
A brief research highlight on the state of consumer attention followed by a panel discussion among senior executives from brand advertising, creative agency and publishing organizations for best practices in capturing and retaining consumer attention in an increasingly fragmented and noisy media environment.

What exactly do 250 brand marketers think of consumer attention in video advertising? While everyone has a theory on why consumers hate advertising, this session will bring a cross-functional perspective from brand, agency and publisher to expose the core challenges and best practices in capturing attention through digital advertising. Find out if you are one of the lucky 7% of the advertisers who gets a disproportionate share of consumer attention from advertising. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The state of consumer attention in digital video advertising today
  2. Best practices in capturing and retaining consumer attention
  3. ROI breakthrough from insights like the Economies of Attention in video advertising

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Seraj Bharwani Chief Strategy Officer AcuityAds
Robin Fitzgerald Chief Creative Officer BBDO Atlanta
Anna Papadopoulos Vice President, Media and Sponsorships Prudential
Dennis Yuscavitch Vice President, Product Marketing, Global Outbrain

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