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Fundamentally, marketing hasn’t changed. We’re still trying to get consumers to pay attention, care about our brands and products, and buy from us. But the world around us has utterly transformed.Texts, posts, pins, snaps, stories, streams. Binge-watching on more channels than we can count. We have less of our consumers’ time, and that time is increasingly elusive. Still, they expect you to know them: what they like, what they have, what they want, how they shop, what they stand for. We’ll discuss a new path forward.

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  1. How niche has become the new norm.
  2. The smartest way to build your brand.
  3. How to turn a Goliath brand into a David.

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Jeff Fagel SVP, Head of Marketing Epsilon and Conversant

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Event Type Discover Talk

Track  AdTech