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This year’s 2019 Native Ad Forum hosted by Sharethrough will explore the changing landscape of digital through the lens of Native Advertising.

Ally Stuart, MD EMEA, Sharethrough

PANEL: Native Advertising in 2019
Ben Putley, Strategic Partner Dir., Sharethrough
Caroline Mastromauro, Digital Investment Dir., Zenith
Seun Odeneye, Digital Integrations & Ops Dir., Mindshare
Joel Livesey, Dir. of Inventory Partnerships, The Trade Desk
Tom McKay, Branded Content Delivery Lead, News UK

KEYNOTE: Bringing The Best of Native To Standard Formats
Curt Larson, CPO, Sharethrough

PANEL: Enhanced Ads: The Market Opportunity
Leanne Brett, Snr Sales Manager, Sharethrough
Kayla Moriarty, Dir. of Digital Marketing, Comedy Central
Cassie Schultz, Sr. Media Strategist, Blue Moon Digital, Inc.
Neil Bruce, Head of Digital Innovation, Mindshare

PANEL: The Future of Open Web Advertising
Ally Stuart
Jon Mew, CEO, IAB
Paula Bacariza, Dir. Business Development, N. Europe, AppNexus
Andrew Hayward, Head of Programmatic Solutiions, Guardian News View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The state of Native Advertising in 2019: what's new, what are people doing well and what challenges still exist
  2. How the creative supply chain is reacting to new formats
  3. What's next for native advertising and the digital supply chain
  4. How to create a sustainable future for advertising on the open web

Presented with


Joel Livesey Director of Partnerships, EMEA The Trade Desk
Seun Odeneye Digital Integrations & Ops Director, Mindshare UK
Andrew Hayward-Wright Head of Programmatic Solutions Guardian News & Media
Ally Stuart Managing Director, EMEA Sharethrough
Curt Larson Chief Product Officer Sharethrough
Ben Putley Strategic Partner Director Sharethrough
Paula Bacariza Director New Business, Northern Europe AppNexus
Kayla Moriarty Digital Marketing Director Comedy Central
Cassie Schultz Senior Paid Media Strategist Blue Moon Digital, Inc
Tom McKay Branded Content Delivery Lead News UK
Leanne Brett Senior Sales Manager Sharethrough
Neil Bruce Head of Mobile, UK Mindshare

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