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A look into the lives of the Gen Z: their thoughts, behaviours and passions, IRL and online. What are their motivations, aspirations and struggles? Who influences them? How do they talk about brands? What is important for them in life? We reveal unexpected insights from We Are Social and Boiler Room research.

Socially-led creative agency We Are Social spent two months travelling around the country, immersing in the lives of Generation Z respondents from diverse backgrounds. We met their friends, families (and pets) and took part in their day-to-day activities.

Global online music broadcasting platform and cultural curator Boiler Room reached out to their influential audience to find out what makes them tick and what it is they truly value in life. We’ll be bringing the two studies together to give our most surprising and unexpected insights from the research.

This session will uncover what Gen-Zs find truly meaningful (or meaningless) and how Gen-Zs build connections online and offline, guiding brands toward content and experiences that resonates with them. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. An understanding of Gen-Z’s motivations and inspirations in life
  2. An insight into how Gen-Z's connect both online and offline.
  3. An understanding of what role brands play in the life of a Gen-Z


Sarah McKeever Brand Manager Ballantine's
Mobbie Nazir Chief Strategy Officer We Are Social
Steven Appleyard Chief Business Development Officer Boiler Room
Luke Innes Media Strategy Director Boiler Room
Alice Bresciani Research & Insight Director We Are Social

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