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Neurodiversity isn’t a new concept but research and best practice in the public domain remains limited. The panel will discuss measures businesses can implement to be better placed to attract neurodiverse talent.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Learn what the creative industries can do to become more neurodiverse friendly.
  2. Learn the business case for taking on and supporting neurodiverse people.
  3. Experts will discuss a range of solutions businesses can implement to reform their recruitment procedures and working practices.


Akama Ediomi-Davies Director, Global Solutions Xaxis
Laura Chamberlain Managing Director Now Advertising
Lucy Hobbs Founder The Future is ND
Wayne Deakin Executive Creative Director Huge London
Kate Burnett MD of DMA Talent DMA
Matthew Trerise Autism consultant - training and liaison lead NHS Bristol Autism Spectrum Service

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