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AI is alive and kicking. The impact of AI is already visible across Europe, with technology innovations influencing leading brand campaigns, and positively affecting the returns of digital advertising initiatives. We'll show you the proof.

But let’s not forget the human power working away in the background. Our expert panel will then go on to discuss how tech capabilities and human expertise make the perfect team, showcasing some of Europe's latest AI campaigns.

An interactive quiz will set the scene in this session, where attendees will be asked to decide whether humans or technology are responsible for certain outcomes.

The panel will wrap up with a look into the future of AI.

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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. A view into some of the latest AI campaigns across Europe
  2. An insight into the relationship between humans and the machines behind AI
  3. A view into the future of AI

Presented with


Rick Edwards Writer and Broadcaster
John Pickles Digital Marketing Optimisation – Programme Lead Ford
Natasa Tintor Agency Group Director, Mindshare & m/Six Xaxis UK Ltd
Ruth Zohrer Global Client Lead, BBVA Mindshare
Paul Martin Vice President Marketing Science Xaxis EMEA
Mike Campbell Director, WPP AppNexus, a Xandr Company

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Event Type Seminar