Tadas Jucikas

Tadas Jucikas is a Founder and CEO of Genus AI, an artificial intelligence company focused on scaling emotional intelligence in interactions between brands and customers to drive business growth. The Genus AI Platform is used by leading D2C E-Commerce brands across a multitude of verticals such as apparel & appliances, home decor, restaurants and groceries, insurance and financial services amongst others.
Tadas has completed his PhD in Computational Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge with publications in the world's top scientific journals Nature and PNAS. His research focused on quantifying genetic and molecular mechanisms of behavior. He completed his MPhil in Computational Biology at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics where Prof. Stephen Hawkings was director of research. For his PhD Tadas joined a research institute Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology which produced 15 Nobel Prize winners where he focused on studying the nematode C.elegans discovered by Dr. Sidney Brenner who won a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2002.
After leaving academia Tadas has worked in an array of high-profile roles such as a senior data scientist for two of Her Majesty’s Government’s departments in the United Kingdom as well as a lead on deep AI projects in the industry. Under Tadas leadership Genus AI has raised funding from leading VC and angel investors and was selected to participate in top-rated technology accelerator programs such as StartX at Stanford, Fintech Innovation Lab in NYC and StartupBootCamp in London.
Currently, Tadas is based in San Francisco, California focusing on bringing the most recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence to high performance growth and marketing teams around the world. He is applying his deep knowledge in neuroscience, machine learning and AI to enable every brand to benefit from this monumental shift in technology.