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In today’s digitally powered world it is easy to scale the number of communications but it is very hard to scale the quality of these interactions.

Artificial Intelligence offers the ability to scale storytelling across digital channels in an emotionally intelligent way.

At Genus AI we are building ways for software to reach human-level emotional intelligence by combining the most recent advancements in the fields of machine learning, neuroscience and behavioural economics.

Genus AI has just made available a new type of platform focusing on optimizing growth for all marketers seeking to optimize their campaign performance by building their audiences and matching their content in an emotionally intelligent way.

Dr. Tadas Jucikas, CEO and Founder at Genus AI, is going to discuss how brands can make the most out of the Genus AI Growth Platform.

As a special treat, he will share a special offer to all seeking to test AI impact on their campaigns.

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Tadas Jucikas Founder and CEO Genus AI

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