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Advertising is one of the most powerful tools of change that we have available, and we have the ability to use it to not just sell products but also do good in the world, like spreading peace and kindness at a time when conflict and negativity runs rampant. Periscope set out to use creativity to impact positive change and created Peace Paper, crowd-source designed wrapping paper on a mission to make the world kinder and more peaceful, even if only for a moment. As an agency-wide effort, Peace Paper uses creativity to spread messages of peace and kindness and to transform negatives into positives while helping fund peace education in public schools.

During this session, Periscope's chief creative officer Peter Nicholson will share how Peace Paper evolved from a client holiday gift idea in 2016 to a symbol of peace that is spreading in schools across America.This immersive experience will put your own creativity to use, so come prepared to use your hands to help change the world. You can submit your images of peace alongside celebrities and artists like Bella Thorne, Mod Sun, Cachete Jack, Ana Zaja Petrak and Santiago Martinez (AKA Enisaurus) to help create our next edition of Peace Paper. First 50 people to arrive to this Advertising Week session will receive free rolls of Peace Paper to take home! View Less

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Peter Nicholson Chief Creative Officer Periscope

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