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When it comes to tackling business and cultural issues, global firm Sid Lee breaks the mold with its unique strategic approach and multidisciplinary team and capabilities. At the core of the agency’s philosophy and greatest successes is its focus on developing work that enhances the human experience. Hear from agency leaders as they discuss Sid Lee’s cutting-edge model and their belief that truly understanding what drives people always leads to the best solutions and outcomes.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to develop work that enhances the human experience.
  2. Why leading with the value of the human experience is invaluable to brands.
  3. How to build a truly multidisciplinary team able to deliver on this approach.

Presented with


Katie Kempner Creator & Host Perspectives
Elana Gorbatyuk Chief Strategy Officer, Partner Sid Lee
Martin Leblanc Architect, Partner Sid Lee Architecture
Kristian Manchester Global Executive Creative Director, Partner Sid Lee
Nicolas Van Erum Managing Partner Sid Lee

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