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Trying to reach Millennials and young Gen X-ers through television advertising? Good luck with that. Nearly half of all consumers age 22-45 can't be reached via traditional TV advertising. For them, mobile isn't just another screen, it's THE screen. And on mobile, it's all about apps. It's really a whole new world.

To kick things off, Anne Frisbie, InMobi's SVP of Global Brand and Programmatic, will give a quick introduction into the world of In-App advertising and best practices before inviting Rebecca Zulch, Senior Manager, Integrated Investment – Programmatic Universal McCann NYC up on stage to answer a few questions. View Less

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  1. How mobile in-app advertising enables brand marketers to reach these Unreachables with TV-like video advertising experiences
  2. Why brands should have two mobile strategies, not just one
  3. What benchmarks buyers should expect from in-app mobile advertising in terms of viewability, video completion rates and audience targeting

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Anne Frisbie SVP of Global Programmatic & North America InMobi
Rebecca Zulch Senior Manager, Integrated Investment – Programmatic Universal McCann NYC

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