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Hear from the founders, creators and makers of the luxury brands you know and love and get inspired by their creativity, learn the trends, and discover the power of collaboration.


Join us for an intimate conversation with one of America’s most successful shoe designers. We’ll talk with Steve about how he built his billion dollar empire from the ground up – with grit and an innate sense for democratizing trends. Years ahead of the curve, Steve built his corporate culture like a family, recognized the value of consumer insights, and quietly embraced the importance of giving back through various non-profits that help former inmates lead productive lives. In this candid one-on-one discussion, learn Steve’s hacks for a successful life and scaling a global brand – even in the face of adversity.
Steve Madden Fashion Designer, Founder, Steve Madden
Quynh Mai Founder, Moving Image & Content


A finding from the recent Luxury Marketing Council Strategy Summit shows that there has been a dramatic rise of collaborations among kindred spirit luxury brands. In 1995, in a room of 100 people maybe five would be interested in collaborating together. Today in a room of 100, conservatively, 75 have worked with another luxury brand to win more customers like their best customers. Hear from leaders of luxury on the opportunities abound with collaborations, and the importance of fostering community within your brand.
Kelly McCarthy SVP of Brand Communications, LVMH
Mazdack Rassi Co-Founder, Milk + Milk Makeup


During the Glossy Podcast Live, host and Glossy managing editor Hilary Milnes will bring a fashion executive to the Advertising Week stage for an unflinching conversation about how to succeed in the modern era of retail, in which the traditional pillars of strategy have crumbled and Amazon looms above all.
Hilary Milnes Senior Reporter, Glossy
Henry Davis President & COO, Glossier

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Steve Madden Fashion Designer, Founder Steve Madden
Quynh Mai Founder Moving Image & Content
Kelly McCarthy SVP of Brand Communications LVMH
Mazdack Rassi Co-Founder Milk + Milk Makeup
Hilary Milnes Senior Reporter Glossy
Henry Davis President & COO Glossier

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