The Next Generation of Conscious Consumers

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Loudly Calling “Bullshit” on Brand Wokeness/Brokeness

What do brands need to do to be ready for a world seeking regeneration, circularity and de-growth? What do the consumers of the future want and expect from the world of goods and services? How much of their buying will happen online, on social and in the metaverse? What are their thoughts on circularity, regeneration, saving money and saving the planet? Where will they be spending their time and their funds? Who will they be looking at to lead the way and will they trust or even care about the brands we know and love today? Join forward-thinking brands, metaverse pioneers and those familiar with Generations Z and Alpha as we investigate how to prepare for the consumers we've all been waiting for.
Thomas Ranese Chief Marketing Officer
Fauzia Musa Editor at Large
Michael Colarossi Vice President, Product Line Management, Innovation and Sustainability
Avery Dennison
Rebecca Stringer Research Director
Kids Know Best
Kerrie Finch Founding Partner

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