Under Pressure | Taking a Break for Mental Health

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We’ve been touched by the bravery of Naomi Osaka, Simone Biles, and so many before them, who have prioritized their wellbeing over complying with the expectations and pressures placed on them by media, sports, and other industries. In continuing the conversation they’ve sparked we’ll examine the role of the media in either ailing or aiding the stress levels of public figures, how we hold these public figures to superhuman standards and the responsibility of comms and marketing industries in normalizing the conversation around mental health.
Alyssa Ciambriello SVP, Engagement Management
Lippe Taylor
Lori Rubinson WFAN Sports Talk Radio Host & Chief Client Officer
Lippe Taylor
Dr. Candice Williams, LPC, NCC Athletics Counselor
The Ohio State Athletics
Andrea Jordan Founder & Owner
The AJ Standard