A New Media Model for a New Multicultural Mainstream

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Our industry is making great strides in retooling and rearranging itself for a new era – an era where the “mainstream” is now extraordinarily diverse. A focus on DEI, rethinking strategies, budgets, and of course, go-to-market strategies and creative solutions that are far more inclusive and reflective of the communities we operate in and serve. Media strategy, planning and investment should be no exception. However, marketers are still feeling a pain point when it comes to injecting their media plans with the same level of applicable cultural consumer insights that will allow these to be equally relevant, inclusive and powerful as the rest of their investments. Navigation Blvd was formed to solve this pain point for both marketers AND consumers. The partnership between Canvas Worldwide (recently honored as "Most Innovative Media Agency" by Campaign US) and Lopez Negrete Communications (the largest independent, Hispanic-owned-and-operated, full-service agency in America) showcases a new model that is bridging the gap found between creative, media, and multicultural agencies. This new, 21st Century approach admits that not all insights are born the same, and therefore, should not be applied the same. Join multicultural marketing experts from the Navigation Blvd Team (which successfully kicked off its first LatinX strategy campaign for McDonald's in Q2 of this year) for a masterclass in multicultural marketing and the nuance, context, and collaboration it takes to get there.
Paul Woolmington CEO
Canvas Worldwide
Hermelinda Fernandez SVP, Digital Investment
Canvas Worldwide
Victor Paredes Executive Director of Account Planning
Lopez Negrete Communications
Sheila Hamilton Director of Media

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