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Creating a New Narrative Around Substance Use Disorder to Reduce the Stigma

One of the longstanding industry challenges is to provide marketers the ability to run advertising effectiveness measurement at will, on demand. Instead, there is a material lag from when you commission the study to when you can read the campaign. Why is this material? Because, if your objective is to maximize return on ad spend then in-flight optimization (IFO) is critical and on-demand measurement is key to timely IFO. IRI, Google, Sam’s Club, Nestle-Starbucks and Annalect will discuss the merits of such a solution that will meet this need through a completely automated on-demand measurement for offline sales lift and matched market studies.
Adam Gitlin Head of Data
Maciej Szczepaniak Global Brand Measurement Lead
Abishake Subramanian Director, Digital Advertising, Media Sales & Strategy
Sam’s Club
Lisa Hill Brand Manager, Starbucks At Home Coffee/Personalized Marketing
Nestlé Coffee Partners
Vijoy Gopalakrishnan SVP/Principal, Media Center of Excellence

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