Programmatic & The Future of Automation

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Loudly Calling “Bullshit” on Brand Wokeness/Brokeness

It’s not about tech tax, it’s about being tech smart! Programmatic spend continues to grow at double digit rates. It fills an important role in the quest to engage the right consumers. And this method of buying will continue to play a role across all media forms. In this session we will review the key findings of a major research effort from the 4A’s, 614 Group, followed by a panel to discuss the perceptions of the current and future states of programmatic and automation. Fundamental to the conversation is the idea that there is no “tech tax”, but rather a forward thinking perspective on investments - in technology, talent, and better data sets to achieve data driven marketing. It’s time to move the narrative from cost control to value creation in programmatic and automation.
David Skinner Managing Director, Channels and Alliances
Catherine Dale Regional Vice President, Platform
John Gentry President
Erica Schmidt Global CEO
Rob Rasko CEO & Founder
The 614 Group

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