The Connection Between Disconnected People

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Coronavirus destructs society. There is a strong belief that everything must be reinvented – from products, services, office spaces, schools, hospitals and stores. This seminar will welcome Mr, Tetsuo Yukioka, an ER doctor, Mr. Kenryu Nakamura from the Advanced Academic Agency, as well as Mr. Jun Aoki and Mr. Manabu Chiba, architects from the Public Design Laboratory to explore their knowledge and insight. THIS SESSION HAS A LIVE Q&A WITH THE SPEAKERS. PLEASE JOIN THE SPECIAL LIVE CHAT ROOM AT THE END OF THE SESSION.
Jun Aoki Architect
Jun Aoki & Associates
Manabu Chiba Architect
Chiba Manabu Architects
Tetsuo Yukioka Emergency doctor
Kenryu Nakamura Professor
Research Center for Advanced Scienceand Technology (RCAST),The University of Tokyo
Yoshihiko Kasamatsu Executive Producer
ignite, inc.

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