Evolving Influencer Marketing: Individual as Media

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The Boom on Food in the Creator Economy

Social media is filled with the hashtag #ad, and now more than ever, consumers are growing sensitive to the credibility of information and their content relevance, where uninteresting online content simply becomes white noise and ignored. In an era where individuals are connected and play a role in media beyond boundaries of both online and offline platforms, how can brands maintain relevance in their messages and relationships with consumers? We will explore how “quantity over quality” targeting came to use and the implementation of new effectiveness measurement indexes as well as the emerging languages of influencer marketing born from years of trial and error. The bond between technology and content is here.
Hajime Nomura Country Manager
IDH Media Ltd.
Wakayu Sato Strategist, Dentsu Innovation Initiative
Dentsu Inc.
Katsuya Horino Brand Produce Unit Manager, Chief Evangelist
AlphaBoat, LLC

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