Mastering the Art of Context with Programmatic DOOH

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Convenience Meets Connectivity: A Year of 7-Eleven Retail Media Learnings

Join us for a panel discussion on how programmatic DOOH can unlock the power of contextual relevance at scale. Our expert speakers will explore the benefits of ‘Moment Targeting,’ the latest in DMO and DCO technology and the role of data insights in unlocking precise targeting capabilities. We'll also examine best practices for measuring brand lift and footfall traffic and how to drive real-world results through DOOH campaigns.
Lee Cutter VP, Sales | UK & Emerging Markets
Richard Bon Managing Director
Clear Channel
Alys Donnelly Head of Programmatic
Ben Wilkins Product Director

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The Fundamentals of Data Marketing

7 Videos, 3.25 hrs
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The Fundamentals of Programmatic

4 Videos, 2.25 hrs