Making a Meal Of It: How To Make Food Beautiful

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Richard Swan, Founder and Director, London City Voices: Solo Performance

Sex, pleasure, pain, wealth, religion, family, poverty - food can mean so much. So, how can we capture our relationships with food? How do the codes, colours, sights, and sounds of what we consume create lasting emotions and memories? And how can brands capture these associations and create feelings and memories of their own? Join Olaf Van Gerwen, Founder and Global Creative Director, Chuck Studios, and major food brands as they spill the beans on how they make food famous. How can beautifully realised film, photography and sound design (and much more) help you translate your brand’s positioning and values into a unique and delicious culinary identity?
Olaf Van Gerwen Founder and Global Creative Director
Chuck Studios
Kristy Snell Creative Director
Chuck studios