Glassette: The Story Of the UK's Hottest Homewares Marketplace

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Glassette is one of the hottest UK startups - a highly curated homewares platform which raised £1.2 million in its recent seed-funding round. Founded by TV presenter Laura Jackson and her business partner Dan Crow, the rise of this business points to a growing trend for curated consumption. With the cost of living on the rise as well as sustainability concerns, brands like Glassette aim to showcase beautiful products while championing independent brands by offering a global shopfront to editorialise their creativity and artistry. Join Laura and Dan in a conversation about what they've learnt on their entrepreneurial journey and how they see the future of retail evolving.
Laura Jackson Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Daniel Crow Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Ruth Mortimer Global President
Advertising Week

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