OpenX Roundtable: What's Next in the Post-Cookie World?

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The upcoming end of the cookie is the dominant topic throughout all of digital advertising, and a series of key questions has emerged that the industry collectively needs to answer. How will marketers go about targeting their audiences without cookies? How will the open web compete with the walled gardens? What needs to happen now in order to be ready for 2022 and beyond? This discussion, led by Advertising Week in partnership with OpenX, will be a chance for leading publishers, agencies, brands and other leaders in digital advertising to come together and hear from one another about their different approaches to what is coming next. Attendees joining from: OpenX, Lloyds Banking Group, Nestlé Global, The Trade Desk, Future Publishing, News UK, Venatus, Medicom, dentsu X, Epsilon This event is by invitation or application only. Please register your interest in joining here:

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