Behind the Scenes: A Frank Conversation about Race Dynamics on Branded Video Shoots

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How to Use Your Platform to Advance Gender and Racial Justice

Tanya Jones is a seasoned Television and Digital Media Producer and the founder of Mama Bear Media Group. She sits down with Jennifer Braunschweiger, Shutterstock's Head of Content Marketing, to have a fun but real conversation about the importance of diverse perspectives and experiences in the Content Marketing Space. Three takeaways: 1. Understand your brand, know what it stands for. What is your vision for this content, and where are you distributing it? Make sure you share this information with your partners on set. 2. Show up ready to say the names of races; be open and available to listen and learn. 3. Do the work ahead of time: Companies need to give their employees guidance on how to talk about race so that those employees are comfortable having those discussions with clients and partners.
Jennifer Braunschweiger Senior Director, Content Marketing
Tanya Jones Founder
Mama Bear Media Group, LLC

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