Balancing the (Work-Life) Force: How to Streamline Video Production Without Sacrificing Scale

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Adland is facing some seriously strong headwinds in 2022. Economic uncertainty and increased privacy regulations are making marketer’s jobs more taxing. Emerging video-first social platforms are reinforcing the need for every brand–of any size–to create more video content than ever before. With demand for video at an all time high, how can advertisers strike the right balance between hitting their goals without overwhelming their bandwidth-strapped marketing teams? By getting efficient with video production. Join Aston Ford and Advertising Week where we’ll break down efficient ways brands can streamline the video production process to help alleviate the stress of their marketing teams. With efficient production, and access to external creative resources, you can enhance your team's capabilities and maintain a well balanced work-life fit without having to sacrifice scale or rework a single KPI. Whether your work is in-house, agency, or otherwise, let us show you how to give your teams back some much needed bandwidth.
Ashton Ford Manager of Creator Operations
Ruth Mortimer MD, Global Education
Advertising Week

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