This Is My YouTube: Jessie Ware, Rina Sawayama, Trinny Woodall & Patricia Bright

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This Is My YouTube explores how UK audiences from different backgrounds engage with the content they love on YouTube. In this session, you'll hear from pop sensations Jessie Ware and Rina Sawayama, as well as fashion and beauty gurus Trinny Woodall and Patricia Bright, about what they laugh at, cry with, learn from and escape to. You'll learn a bit more about what's inspired their career journey, but also the trends behind what they watch that you as a marketer can tap into to reach audiences on YouTube. So much has changed these last few months, but one thing is certain: people are turning to YouTube more than ever before to watch the content they love. Whether it’s meditation, baking, or ‘how to cut your own hair’ videos, YouTube watch time has risen. But while these examples show what we might have in common, everyone’s YouTube is unique and personal. That’s the magic of our platform - bespoke content that speaks directly to 2 billion people every month, on their own terms. This is what our video series, This Is My YouTube, is all about. It explores how viewers with different backgrounds, professions and interests are engaging with YouTube content, differently. In this session, Jessie, Rina, Trinny and Patricia describe how YouTube drives their passions, fuels their curiosity & even influences their shopping! You'll leave inspired not only by their stories but also by the trends behind the watch time you as a marketer can tap into to reach audiences like them
Jessie Ware Singer-songwriter

Rina Sawayama Singer-songwriter

Trinny Woodall CEO, TV Presenter
Patricia Bright YouTube Creator, Author

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