Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable: A CMO Debate

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Embracing Euphoria: What Coming Out of COVID Looks Like For Global CPG Brands

Change is the only constant, it’s as old as time. But why does it make people feel so uncomfortable? Brands and businesses are in a constant state of transformation to adapt to changing consumer needs and an ever-evolving media landscape. It’s time we got comfortable with it. Debating the impact of change are Andrew Waddel General Manager - Australia at Tourism New Zealand, Mark Lollback CEO at GroupM, Kristi Woolrych CMO at KFC SOPAC, Mark Reinke, Managing Director Consumer at News Corp Australia and Suzana Ristevski, CMO, National Australia Bank. Read more at
Mark Lollback CEO
Kristi Woolrych CMO
Mark Reinke Managing Director Consumer
News Corp Australia
Suzana Ristevski CMO
Andrew Waddel General Manager - Australia
Tourism New Zealand

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