The Globalisation of African-Based Brands: Telling on Our Stories

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Global media and music companies are leveraging African-based brands to tell their stories worldwide. In contrast, the narratives of war, poverty and illness unfairly plague Africa’s reputation. The beauty of Kilimanjaro, the warm and welcoming manner of Africans and the impact of African culture impacting the worlds of fashion, food, film and music are not being told. These are the stories that must define Africa as we take our brands to the globe.
Monique L. Nelson Chair
UniWorld Group, Inc. (UWG)
Preetesh Sewraj CEO
The Loeries
Gugu Mthembu Chief Marketing Officer
Mphothe Elizabeth Mokwena Marketing Director
Unilever SA
Andisa Ntsabane Managing Executive, Brand Marketing & Communications
Vodafone Group Africa

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