Gen Z and Brands: What You Need to Know about Engaging Preteen Gamers

Games like Fortnite and Minecraft have become some of the world’s top entertainment IPs thanks to their popularity among Preteen gamers. Successful brands are also taking note of the important role games play in the lives of Preteens. Non-gaming brands including the NFL, Nike and Marvel have all made appearances in Fortnite. The unprecedented rise of Fortnite points to the opportunities that exist for publishers and brands that successfully appeal to this group of players.

The Transparency Game: The Problems, Fall Outs & Solutions for AdTech

The issue of transparency has been a complicated one for decades on our industry. it covers the spectrum of issues from placement to platform fees to partnerships. in this session we will uncover how we got to this point and what the ultimate solution is to operate fair and open marketplaces for publishers, advertisers and ultimately consumers.

Building for a Cookie-Less World: The Future is Now

Here’s the reality.There are: increased privacy regulations, major Internet browsers disabling cookie-based tracking and big media companies deprecating third party data availability for targeting. All the while those walls around the walled gardens are towering higher. It’s safe to say cookie-based ad serving, data usage and tracking is growing more limited by the minute, obfuscating a marketer and publisher’s ability to understand consumers and deliver on the promise of audience-based...

Kumbaya: Coming Together to Deliver a Better Consumer Ad Experience

Publishing content on the internet has always been a tough corner. Now that consumers are much more aware of topics like their privacy online, not to mention equipped with tools like privacy or content-blocking software to control it themselves, is this another turn of the screw for the publishing industry? Or is it an opportunity?

Storytelling Without a Shelf Life

How brands, publishers and platforms work together to support the creation of stories with staying power while attracting new audiences.

Data As An Insight. Data As An Asset.

It is undeniable that quality, actionable data is essential to advertisers and publishers alike. However challenges remain in how to effectively deploy first and third party data across a variety of screens and platforms. Join SpotX as we explore how media owners and advertisers can successfully implement data to supercharge their video campaigns.

Putting the Fan in the Driver's Seat

In an increasingly fragmented media environment, Twitter's recent major partnership announcements put the fan in the driver's seat of their content experience. From the PGA Tour to the NBA, MLB, and the MTV VMAs, it now takes just a simple Tweet for fans to choose their own adventure - to see custom content featuring their choice of player or entertainer. Hear from a trifecta of partners who seamlessly built relevance by connecting with massively popular events and topics on Twitter.

The Power of Live Storytelling in Advertising: The Publisher and the Brand

Every brand has a story. But in order to break through the noise, they have to be creative about how, and, where they choose to tell it. Chas Edwards (Pop-Up Magazine Productions) and Cecelia Cox (Google) discuss how Google's advertising campaigns find new life on the Pop-Up Magazine stage. Hear from the perspective of the publisher and the brand on the value of "live" advertising. This will touch on the rising trend of "live" events and journalism, the importance of ephemeral storytelling in...

Future of Publishing

Having weathered the digital revolution and its many challenges, modern publishers are prioritising innovation and forward-thinking as they blaze a trail into the next era of content creation, monetisation, and delivery. Featuring Salesforce, B&T, Australian Community Media, News Corp Australia and Twitter.

Where Supply Meets Demand: Unifying the Adtech Ecosystem

Our industry is evolving at a rapid pace, but platforms are only as powerful as the data behind them. As advertisers and publishers race the competition across optimization, transparency and brand safety, access to quality data is more important than ever. As a result, the relationship between supply and demand has never been more complex & so closely aligned. In this session, leading advertisers and publishers unite to share their perspectives and discuss how successful companies are...

Brexit: where next for the UK?

Katharine Viner, editor-in-chief of The Guardian in conversation with Jane Martinson, Professor of Financial Journalism at City University and former Guardian head of media, discussing Brexit, the role of the media and the changing political landscape.

Membership and Sponsorship: How to stop chasing your scale

With Apple trying to take control of the publishing industry and with Google and Facebook taking the lion’s share of global digital ad spend, media brands are increasingly turning to sponsorship and membership models to secure their future success. In this session, Jonny Kaldor at Pugpig will share stories of three publishers who, rather than chasing scale, are focusing on building high value relationships with their partners and readers.
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