New York 2019


TV + Attribution: A Modern Day Love Story

It’s all about attribution these days… and we’re not talking digital. TV has finally lent marketers an opportunity to measure multi screen ROI with new data sources and breakthrough ad technology. TV now offers media informed media planning as well as attribution and reporting, a benefit marketers have long been waiting for. This lesson will explore how TV finally made it to the finish line - and the significance of attribution on the ad industry as a whole.

The Future Of Mobile Video Is Now: Pioneering Vertical Mobile-first Storytelling

Your phone is the new TV. Snapchat has been a leader in mobile-first experiences for the Gen Z and Millennial audience, pioneering the first vertical video content platform designed exclusively for mobile. Sean Mills, Snap’s head of original content, along with top-tier partners from Snap’s original shows, will lead a compelling discussion about what it’s like to create made-for-mobile premium content and where the future of mobile storytelling is headed in 2020.

Progra-manual: First Party Data's Effect On The Move Toward Automation

As first party data becomes more readily available, and as it’s applied across traditional media, like Linear TV, the less programmatic it becomes. How do we begin making data-informed, automated cross-channel decisions? Do we start using data and platforms today that will need to be linked by humans? What’s the benefit, and how do we prioritize progress over perfection in a fragmented programmatic state?

5G & The Live Content Experience

"The 5G revolution is at our door step. Most consumers today believe 5G is simply about having a faster phone or internet connection. While this is absolutely true, 5G is so much more…in this session we will dive deep on how 5G is set to change the live experience. From concerts to sporting events to Theater, 5G will transform the way we look at the world through the virtual and augmented lenses."

Brand Building and Experiential Engagement

The intersection of brands and experience is increasingly on the upswing as a strategy to tap into consumer passion. Connecting with audiences at a time and environment they have chosen offers brands huge upside, but it requires a deft touch to connect with impact and context. An expert panel dives into the booming business of brands and experience.

Safe Streaming: The Future Of First Party Data Child-Focused Digital Advertising

The presentation will explore the children's focused digital advertising space including topics such as user privacy, existing legislation, emerging policies and the rapidly growing CTV child user segment.

How To Scale Ambition

True leadership requires the ability to not only take initiative and drive results, but to build relationships and motivate others. And according to Harvard Business Review, women achieve the highest marks in all four of those abilities. In this panel, some of retail's top female executives share what it takes to get to the c-suite, to raise funding, and to overcome challenges every step of the way.

Koenigsberg X Kidpreneurs

One recurring theme among entrepreneurs of all ages is the insatiable feeling that they haven’t yet arrived. That’s what keeps them going, it’s what keeps them winning, it’s what keeps them innovating. Bill Koenigsberg was just inducted to the Advertising Hall of Fame, and in his mind, he hasn’t yet arrived. These young entrepreneurs have achieved undisputed success before even being allowed to arrive at their prom. And together, this dynamic collaboration will surely inspire and entertain us...

NewGen Startup Competition

Jason Feifer, editor of Entrepreneur, conducts a fireside chat with Michael Loeb and Rich Vogel, the founders of The noted entrepreneurs will discuss how they approach entrepreneurism at their “venture collective,” which is currently fostering 18 startups across a variety of verticals. As a primer for the Startup Competition, Feifer will uncover how investors assess the potential of early stage companies. The chat will be followed by Advertising Week’s annual Startup...

First Party Data & Walled Gardens

As more and more regulations around the world seek to restrict third-party data flows, how are companies that rely on these sources responding? Will the data-control landscape be limited to first parties—and everyone else? How do new market entrants promising consumer-controlled "zero party" data factor into the future of data flows? Join this session with Alison Pepper, 4A’s SVP–Government Relations, as she takes on these questions and more about data today and the day after tomorrow.

The Next Generation of Data-Driven TV

The line between traditional media channels and more accountable digital channels is finally fading. Marketers have long used correlation rather than causation to measure the impact of TV media investments - totaling over $64 billion in 2018 - but the landscape is rapidly changing. Cross-platform activation and measurement is the next step to proving every dollar performed. The best marketers will be able to prove effectiveness at scale across every channel, including linear TV, addressable...

Decoding The Music Experience

A live panel discussion inspired by the new, original podcast series “Decoding the Music Experience” sharing insights, observations and unique perspectives at the intersection of music, audiences and brands. Produced by Advertising Week/AW360 and created by marketing and music industry leaders Kenny Ochoa (previous Warner Bros, Sony, Sanctuary Records), and Joe Belliotti (previous Head of Global Music for The Coca-Cola Company, Brand Asset Group, Maverick). Each episode spotlights ways...
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