Interview With Future Is Female Community: Jana Hladikova, Snap

Join Advertising Week as we interview Future Is Female Winner, Jana Hladikova, Snap.

AW Explains: Gaming and Esports

Alexander Lee, Gaming and Esports reporter for Digiday joins us to demystify the world of gaming and esports for marketers keen to break into the space but wondering what they should really know.

Driving Real-World Impact Through Esports

Video games aren't just a part of today's culture; They're increasingly defining it as well. Video games will influence our collective perceptions of gender, race, class, disabilities, and more. What do brands need to understand about the gaming industry, especially as it continues to grow? Join us as we explore the opportunity ahead, reasons every brand should care about reaching this diverse group of consumers, and steps companies can take to increase representation within games and beyond.

Fighting Censorship Through Minecraft. The Story Behind The Uncensored Library

Reporters Without Borders wanted to reach young people suffering at the hands of censorship so turned to a loophole; Minecraft. Minecraft became a loophole to bypass censorship with articles republished as Minecraft books within the platform, reaching over 20m gamers globally. In this session, DDB Berlin Senior Copywriter Tobias Natterer takes the stage to share how the creative agency hijacked Minecraft and how brands can organically infiltrate the world of gaming.

Gaming with Crypto: When Two Ecosystems Converge 

At a point in time, digital currency in gaming was a throw to the coins that Mario collected from 8-bit question blocks. A few decades later, it’s so much more than that.  Cryptocurrency has expanded at lightning (broadband) speed. And, amid this expansion, it’s become both a utility and enhancement in and around gaming.  Our panel of industry-leading experts across exchanges, leagues / teams and competitive platforms will explore that continued convergence. They’ll discuss how...

Driving Towards Diversity & Inclusion in the Gaming Metaverse

The events of the last few years (#MeToo, BLM and the pandemic) have forced the video game industry to reckon with well-documented issues of diversity and equitability. As the gaming metaverse continues to expand rapidly, this panel will explore how to rethink the foundation of the metaverse in order to build a more inclusive world online. This panel will explore some of the challenges that currently exist on popular gaming metverses, how the gaming industry is responding, and where the...

Good Branding through Meaningful Live Streams

Gaming brands, organizations and talent are increasingly turning to live streaming platforms. From Twitch to YouTube and even across Facebook, they endeavor to introduce their missions and values to a growing audience. Gamers. They’re savvy. They’re supportive. They’re impassioned. And, they represent a new generation of donors who tune in (via Twitch, YouTube and Facebook) and show up for meaningful programming. But, they are presented with a lot of unremarkable options.

From The Court To The Game Map: Elevating New Interests Through Partnership

Join us for some 1:1 (that's a sit-down interview, not a hardwood showdown): NBA shooting guard and avid gamer Josh Hart will join Zoned Gaming co-founder Matt Hillman to explore the convergence of traditional sports and gaming and the resulting opportunities for commercial and personal branding.

Choose Your Character: Surprising Truths About Gaming & its Players

Who do you picture when you hear the term “gamer?” New data suggests you might need to revise your thinking, and brands especially may need strategy shifts to optimize outreach to digital users.

Mobilizing Brands Through An Emerging Esport

The global mobile gaming audience dwarfs PC and console because of a simple, yet often overlooked fact - phones are ubiquitous devices with comparatively minor barriers to entry. However, mobile esports in NA has historically paled in comparison to other markets. That’s starting to change through significant growth, innovation and creativity. And, this presents a real opportunity for brand alignment and integrations.

Gamers’ Snacks Level Up: How Influencer Marketing Drove Actual Sales for Nestlé

Hot Pockets doubled down on their investment in esports & gaming and launched Pockets 4 Bits - a campaign that rewarded gamers with Twitch Bits, Twitch’s online currency. If gamers bought Hot Pockets at any retailer, they were rewarded with Twitch Bits. And buy they did! What resulted was a campaign shut down 3 weeks early due to demand and popularity within the gaming community. Gabe Gordon of Reach Agency and Bryan Waddell of Nestle discuss their roadmap to success with gamers.

Reintroducing In-Game Advertising: A Master Class on the Gaming Space

The advertising and gaming industries, including the MRC and the IAB, are leveling up with the re-introduction of in-game advertising. In this session, Frameplay CEO Jonathon Troughton will walk brands through how they can authentically resonate with gamers while having significant brand lift, purchase intent, and measurability.
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