Help, My Audience is Gaming: How Can I Navigate the Violence Element of Gaming?

Over 1/3 of the world’s population are gamers…gaming is up +19.6% y-o-y ($174.9 bn). Brands are eager to advertise, with the caveat it’s in a brand-safe & suitable environment. Conspicuously, PEGI rate that over half of video games contain a degree of violence, so does level of violence jeopardise brands that are advertising in it? Games are highly contextual environments needing a custom no-one-size-fits-all approach. We present a framework for brands to find the right suitability strategy &...

Gaming and the Personal Brand

A decade ago, 'streaming' was hardly in anyone's vocabulary, and gaming was known to most as a solitary hobby. Today, every aspect of culture plays out online, and gaming has become the unifying center - even for talent from outside of the space. Join our panel of traditional sport and entertainment personalities as they share how gaming and esports have helped them extend their brands, grow their communities from 'real world' to online, and open the door for stronger fan connections and...

Esports - For Love of the Game

Esports isn’t the next big thing. It’s already here. And the fans want to tell you all about it. These fans bring an extra level of engagement to the table and they are ready to share. This is esports like you’ve never seen before. It’s about the fandom, passion, heart and soul of the game. Join us as we look at the world of esports from the INSIDE OUT – from the perspective of the fans.

Partnership Marketing in the Age of Esports

From multi-year agreements to title rights of international competitions, esports is proving to be a valuable avenue for partnership marketing. Still, there's a lot to consider when developing platforms within an evolving space - especially one with such a passionate and discerning following. During this panel, our experts will share an in-depth look at partnerships in esports, what brands can do to successfully align with teams and leagues, and how continued innovation impacts efforts to...

Esports & Gaming 101: A How-To Guide for Brands Ready to Play

Leveling up your esports & gaming strategy? Learn best practices and insider tips for brands, agencies and partners looking to break into the world of esports & gaming from industry thought-leaders, intrepid brand marketers, and the talent behind the gamers themselves.

How the gaming community leveled up through Twitter

The world of gaming and Esports has exploded in recent times. Once perceived as a tribal, niche community, it has evolved into a phenomenon that is at the heart of mainstream popular culture. In this session Twitter Australia’s Head of Twitter Next, Lee Owens, will explore the pivotal role Twitter played in fueling this shift, unpacking the trends we’ve seen emerge, alongside the opportunities for marketers to connect to this vibrant conversation.

Arena Esports Panel

Focusing the conversation on the many content and streaming platforms related to GAMING and ESPORTS in such a way that we may give the most informed context about the audience, its reach, its uses and customs for the better understanding of how to explore market campaigns

Gen Z and Brands: What You Need to Know about Engaging Preteen Gamers

Games like Fortnite and Minecraft have become some of the world’s top entertainment IPs thanks to their popularity among Preteen gamers. Successful brands are also taking note of the important role games play in the lives of Preteens. Non-gaming brands including the NFL, Nike and Marvel have all made appearances in Fortnite. The unprecedented rise of Fortnite points to the opportunities that exist for publishers and brands that successfully appeal to this group of players.

Authentic Stories In Manufactured Worlds: How To Speak 'Gamer'

No other community—online or off—can smell bullshit quite like gamers. Savvy almost to a fault, gamers represent a significant challenge to today’s brand creatives. Win them over and they’re more loyal than anyone. Trigger their BS radar and you’ll lose them forever. In this discussion, learn why winning over gamers is all about authenticity and the ability to not only speak their language, but learning to know what to say once you have their attention.

When the K in KPI Stands for Kids

Studios have traditionally been at the forefront of creative activations and campaigns when it comes to promoting new theatrical releases. But how do you move a young, digitally native audience away from their PCs and consoles and into a theater? Join Super League Gaming Chairman and CEO Ann Hand and Chad Stoller, Global Chief Innovation Officer for UM Worldwide as they dive headfirst into the kid space- by way of esports.

Chipotle + TSM = A Winning Combination (In More Ways Than One)

Join Chipotle CMO Chris Brandt and TSM (Team SoloMid) CRO Brad Sive for a fireside chat. The two will discuss how Chipotle initially partnered with TSM to organically integrate into the gaming/pop culture by way of TSM's Fortnite team and high profile influencers. The year following, TSM partnered again with Chipotle on an overall brand campaign that seamlessly aligned gaming, esports, and pop culture with Chipotle's unique brand message.

Gamers are Losers - Twitch Dispels This and Other Gaming Myths

Despite its massive growth in recent years, the video game industry is one that still intimidates many marketers who want to ‘get into’ gaming. At first glance, gamers are a niche target audience, focused solely on their passion for video games. Join Twitch as we take you inside the world of gaming, where the lines between pop culture and video games have become increasingly blurred. We’ll debunk some of the most common misconceptions that marketers have about gamers and help you better...
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