In this session...

What was once tuned out or skipped is now content that is relevant, sharable and purchasable. Through new collaborations and business model strategies, advertising is resonating with audiences of all ages like never before. Hear from a combination of storytellers and ad placement architects on how their collaborative work is influencing he future of advertising, as well as today’s reality.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How collaborations are helping to forge new advertising experiences.
  2. The importance of storytelling in driving stronger consumer connections with brands.
  3. How advancements in data are leading to more relevant advertising.


Otto Bell Chief Creative Officer Courageous
Dan Aversano Senior Vice President of Ad Innovation and Programmatic Solutions, Ignite WarnerMedia Ad Sales
Amy Leifer VP, Sales Planning & Operations Xandr Media
Ryan Joe Managing Editor AdExchanger
Jon Holding Head of Acquisition Marketing, US Invesco

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Event Type Seminar