Jon Holding

Jon Holding is Head of Acquisition Marketing, US, at Invesco. He and his team drive awareness of and engagement with the Invesco brand and its constituent stories and solutions, to accelerate business growth by driving demand and strengthening Invesco’s reputation. Jon’s team are responsible for brand strategy, activation and experiences, paid media, search and social, digital experiences, design, multimedia, and broadcasting.

Jon grew up in advertising, building creative campaigns and platforms for the likes of E*Trade, Marriott, NFL, BBC, P&G, Nokia, The Economist, VISA, and Prudential. He joined BlackRock as Head of Brand & Advertising in 2013 and moved to Deutsche Asset Management as Head of Retail Marketing before joining Invesco in 2018.

Jon was attracted to asset management by the wide-open plains of opportunity for more human, creative thinking, expression and experiences. He hails from London and now lives in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, New York.