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Advertising is a business of people and a business of relationships... we hear it all the time. We all know that good relationships between agencies and clients lead to trust, which leads to creative freedom.

So why do we still find that often agencies and clients don’t have deep relationships, or that they still have an us vs. them mentality?

Sponsored by The VIA Agency, please join us as we put client agency team couples from GE and BBDO, Mekanism and Pepsi, Unilever and VIA to the test in a newlywed-style game show format. We plan to have a lot of fun, a few laughs — and find some good insights along the way.
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Greg Smith CCO The VIA Agency
Andy Goldberg Creative Director GE
Emma Armstrong EVP & Senior Director BBDO
Jason Harris President & CEO Mekanism
Rishi Daing Sr. Marketing Director Pepsi
Leeann Leahy President The VIA Agency
Alessandra Bellini VP Brand Development, Refreshment, NA Unilever

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