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New technologies are arriving at an unprecedented rate, redefining what we now consider normal. The future is upon us, and we are only beginning to grasp the impact some of these will have on our daily lives.

For the advertising and media industries, many of these represent new opportunities and challenges; understanding them is essential to be able to both reap the benefits and build a responsible and ethical environment for audiences.

This conversation will focus on providing a general understanding of new technologies, mainly those that collect and use data to provide a better audience segmentation in an OOH context, as well as other technologies in the field.

The complexity of these innovations usually limits the comprehension of the general populations. This calls for a higher level of responsibility from the advertising industry, implementing fair, ethical and better systems.

We invite you to be a part of this conversation, with the purpose of not only understanding these technologies and their implications in an advertising context, but to also reflect on their use and consequences, as well as our responsibility towards the audiences. View Less

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Mario Guzmán Marketing Director JCDecaux
Haruyo Rodulfo Commercial Director JCDecaux
Mateus Bolson Ruzzarin AI Consultor Mindshop AI Consulting

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Track  Data & Decisions