Mateus Bolson Ruzzarin

My passion for AI ethics is driven by a desire to improve the technological innovation standards that exist worldwide by working with present and future leaders of the industry. My academic and professional decisions are a testament to my commitment to the field.

A BA in Engineering at ITESM gave me a strong logical mindset for solving practical problems with systems thinking. It provided the right context for me to develop my interest in questions related to how new technologies will impact our future. I read an MA in Philosophy at King’s College London (Merit), where I took courses in Philosophy of Mind, Phil. of Psychology, Phil. of Art, Normative Ethics, and my favorite, Ethics and Politics of Science and Technology.

Today I work at Mindshop, a concept of my creation. We are a Knowledge Society for continuing education, and I have recently branched out to AI consulting for I am reading for an MSt in AI Ethics & Society at Hughes Hall in the University of Cambridge.