Mario Guzmán

Born and raised in Monterrey, MX, 35-year-old Mario Guzmán is JCDecaux Mexico’s Marketing Director; a position that has allowed him to be an active player in the evolution and digital transformation of media in our country.

After earning a degree in International Marketing from the University of Monterrey in 2012, he has had experience in marketing for FMCG ─ in companies such as PepsiCo Mexico and ACH Foods─ as well as in service-oriented marketing at Marriott International. This trajectory has allowed him a brand-focused perspective, with empathy and understanding of the client's needs when planning media campaigns in Mexico. It is through a fresh vision of the virtuous use of outdoor media that these needs can be addressed; a vision in which data-based planning & measurement, as well as an understanding of objectives, are not detached from the virtues of design and creativity, essential for the success of a campaign and the fulfillment of its communication goals.