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It’s unlikely, right? Marketers have access to more information than ever before, yet it’s questionable just how much intelligence is being gained. Eye-opening, business-changing insights are still few and far between, just as they were in the days when the industry ran on smart people going with their guts. Now that everyone has their fill of data, it’s not the volume that matters but what a brand can see in it that counts.

Join lifelong data-junkie, innovator, and founder of the Stagwell Group Mark Penn and other industry leaders for a conversation on how businesses can use their data better to get the right insights, the right targeting and achieve their most pressing objectives.

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  1. How do you organize your data to focus on providing insights
  2. How to use data for effectively digital targeting (without overpaying)
  3. How connect data to creativity

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Mark Penn President and Managing Partner Stagwell Group
Jae Goodman Chief Executive Officer Observatory Marketing
Micky Onvural CEO Bonobos

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