New York 2018


The Evolution of the CMO

The CMO title has taken on new meanings for different organizations. While some remain focused on effective customer segmentation and demonstrating growth, others have shifted towards organization innovation or sharing the voice of the customer within their organization. Learn from top CMOs as they discuss how their roles will likely evolve in the next year and glean learnings on what marketing skills are prioritized today.

Social Media & Influencer Marketing

Influencers can help broadcast a message, yet many marketers are unsure of how to best measure the results of such a campaign. Tune in to learn how to tap into metrics to ensure accountability and effectiveness.

Two Aspects of Data Integrity: Accuracy and Ethics

Top marketing and analytics experts discuss validity, privacy and other significant areas in data usage

Creativity in a Digital Age

The ad industry is increasingly seeing an interplay of science and art, with data now a driving factor behind many campaigns. Learn how top executives bridge the gap between creativity and data to effectively reach their target audiences.

A New Kind of Advertising Company

While there are many rational elements involved in a business relationship, emotions ultimately drive B2B decisions. To better understand what feelings, at what moments, create success, the Financial Times and B2B creative agency gyro polled hundreds of global FT readers. Learn the results and glean insights on how marketers can leverage positive feelings for better business results.

AI Applications

There are countless ways to apply AI. Get in-depth details on how some businesses are using AI now and hear predications of what will come next in this area.

The Evolution of the Ad Supported Business Model

Digitization has reshaped the global entertainment and media ecosystem – and at the same time, it has also significantly disrupted revenue models. Learn how advertising innovation strategies and revenue diversification initiatives can help your company to succeed.

Evolving with The Changing Consumer

A look at how both small start-ups an established companies can stay relevant in a fast changing world

Loyalty Across Verticals

Consumers have myriad choices related to the products and services they buy. In an option-filled world, how can marketers smartly, strategically court customer loyalty? Lean how different brands define loyalty and how to turn current and prospective customers into true loyalists.
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