Blurred Lines: Evolving Measurement to Cross-Everything

Everyone from advertisers and agencies to TV networks and digital platforms are demanding a better way to measure ads and content across all audiences. The need is clear, but where are we as an industry to actually solve the problem?

Breaking through the Walled Gardens: The Digital Advertising Ecosystem Discuss What It’ll Take

Join OpenX for an intimate, facilitate discussion with the leaders of the digital advertising ecosystem. Bring your ideas, your questions, and your solutions.

Demand More Via Next-Gen Multi-Platform Measurement

The pandemic has only further accelerated the consumer migration en masse to digital platforms and swift adoption of digital content consumption. As people increasingly live their lives in digital environments -- consuming, transacting, organizing and socializing in digital spaces — it's imperative that we as an industry meet the moment. Scalable infrastructure, standards and transparency are tantamount to enabling advertisers to deliver timely campaigns that optimize for brand suitability,...

Unlocking Brand Loyalty through Community & Belonging

With 430M monthly users, 130,000+ active communities, and a user base growing at a rate of 30% YoY, Reddit represents untapped potential for brands looking to connect deeply with passionate and highly engaged consumers they can’t find elsewhere. In this session, Reddit COO Jen Wong and OMD UK Chief Planning Officer, Vicky Fox will discuss how and why consumer behaviour online is changing, the inherent trust consumers place in digital communities, and the incredible opportunity it presents for...

How our Expectations of Digital Experiences Have Been Accelerated

Over the last 6 months digital consumption shifted almost overnight and users have evolved their expectations of digital experiences and how brands should engage with them. For marketers, the need to address that shift is paramount to future success. From understanding where consumers' attention has shifted, to delivering (and measuring) across all digital channels, to the increased demand for mixed-reality and flawless virtual content experiences.

Driving Performance in the Age of Privacy

Until recently, many advertisers looked to third-party audience data to create a digital profile that allowed for precision targeting and performance measurement across their ad campaigns. However, due to stricter data privacy regulations and the decision by most web browsers to sunset the use of third-party cookies, there is a universal shift away from third-party audience targeting. So where does this leave advertisers looking to target and optimize their campaigns to relevant, highly...

The Return to Cinema: #BestSeatInMedia

Digital Cinema Media’s (DCM) Content Business Director, Tom Linay, hosts a panel discussion with DCM’s CEO, Karen Stacey and PHD’s Chief Strategy Officer, Michael Florence, as they discuss cultural and media trends including the revival of the cinema sector following the reopening of cinema sites on 4 July and the release of the first big blockbuster, Tenet. They also look ahead to the exciting film slate for the rest of 2020 and why the cinema medium continues to be the ‘best seat in media’....

Insights from FT Live: Creating Global Online Events

Meet the Managing Director for FT Live, Orson Francescone, as he details turning the FT Live business model into virtual events for the Financial Times. This workshop session will outline key takeaways for success at monetizing your digital events with sponsorships. It will also uncover the rationale and fundamental changes required to generate interest and engagement from your audience.

Setting new standards in Government Digital Advertising

Brand Safety. Transparency in the Programmatic waterfall. Data Best Practice. Returning safely to a social platform. All known, longstanding challenges that the industry continues to grapple with… In this session you will hear from the Government Communications Service and the Government’s media buying agency, OmniGOV, on how they are working together to transform elements of the Government’s approach to digital marketing to better navigate these challenges.

Rebuilding Digital Marketing for the Future

Digital marketing is fundamentally broken. It is the solution to every business challenge. Marketing automation will fix any process. Leads flow through. Quantity trumps quality. Long sales cycles keep the truth in the shadows. Marketers celebrate strong quarters, while sales partners are frustrated. The customer is lost. Arbitrary digital marketing damages brand, business and your customers. This episode will explore where marketers have gone wrong and how we can be prepared for the...

Into the Unknown: The Frontier CMO

Today’s CMOs find themselves at a crucial juncture for the journey of their brands. The short-term, direct impacts of COVID-19 are now well understood and documented. Digital transformation has accelerated within brands and a rapid shift to ecommerce, virtual working and home-learning have all been witnessed in the first half of 2020. Less well understood, though, are the longer-term impacts of the pandemic on society. Join Dentsu Aegis Network for a sneak preview of the 2020...

CTV: The Quality Imperative - Creating a Definitive Standard Across Channels

While high demand and inconsistent standards make this channel a target for fraud, our industry has been building solutions for the past few years to address these issues, and continues to evolve its protection to address emerging fraud schemes. In this session, we will discuss how CTV can set the standard and define measurement and quality across all digital channels.
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