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How the Rise of Streaming, AVOD, and Programmatic Changed TV-Buying For Marketers

The pandemic has only further accelerated the consumer migration en masse to digital platforms and swift adoption of digital content consumption. As people increasingly live their lives in digital environments -- consuming, transacting, organizing and socializing in digital spaces — it's imperative that we as an industry meet the moment. Scalable infrastructure, standards and transparency are tantamount to enabling advertisers to deliver timely campaigns that optimize for brand suitability, reach, relevance and ROI. Astute cross-platform digital publishers are redefining measurement beyond yesterday’s minimum legitimacy thresholds (verification and viewability) while providing robust attention metrics that scrutinize accuracy and tackle unduplicated reach & frequency across channels inclusive of OTT, TV and video. Intelligent cross-platform measurement enables publishers to optimize inventory and deliver ads impactfully while creating an iterative blueprint for driving advertiser outcomes that are sustainable through the impending identity storm. This panel convenes executives from multi-platform premium digital publishers who are leading the market in this charge.
Kevin Whitcher VP, New Product Development
Oracle Data Cloud
Jill Steinhauser SVP, Ad Sales Revenue and Planning
Discovery Communications
Jonathan Bohm Vice President, Digital & Cross-Platform Insights & Measurement
Neil Napolitano Director, Measurement Innovation
Meredith Corp

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