APAC 2019


The Rise of Emerging Channels

By 2023, digital-out-of-home (DOOH) is expected to make up nearly 30% of all OOH spend globally, a market that reached nearly $31 billion last year. With the rise of automation, advertisers and media owners benefit from the unification, efficiency and increased value of premium inventory. Hivestack Managing Director Matt Bushby and Verizon Media’s Greg MacDonald discuss the rise of emerging channels, the tools available to advertisers and the revenue opportunities for media owners.

Is Facebook Good For the World?

With 2.7bn people on Facebook, what responsibility does Facebook have? Ime Archibong, VP of Partnerships at Facebook, will discuss how Facebook gives people the power to build community while innovating responsibly, and how this impacts businesses and the communities they serve.

Noël Paasch, Google: Why Machine Learning Can Help Cure Blindness But Not Bad Creative

We're at the dawn of machine-enabled everything. At the moment, machines are good at answering the questions machines can answer but how can we make them good at answering the questions that will make creative better? The creative opportunity is to keep seeking because new patterns won't emerge if we ask the same questions. Machine learning is about enabling a billion interns, not creating one Einstein to enable us to be more ambitious about what we're asking and what stories we might tell as...

Chuck Porter: Making Brands Famous in the World Today

Chuck Porter takes a live video class that reveals tales about bored millennials, nervous clients, the problem with big data, the value of surprise and why planning for the future is a waste of time.

The Art and Science of Emotional Storytelling

We all know we pay more attention and are invested when our brain is engaged emotionally. In this CNN-hosted session, you'll hear from Pippa Scaife Commercial Director, Digital Ad Sales and Data, CNN and Joel Pearson, Director, Future Minds Lab, UNSW - a cognitive neuroscientist - about how the brain reacts to emotionally resonating content. How can storytellers and brands can come together to stand out and connect with audiences? Brent Smart, CMO at IAG joins, while Paul McIntyre, Executive...

Podcasts That Cut Through

This panel will break down the key ingredients needed to make podcasts that cut through the noise. Drawing on lessons from some of the most successful podcasts and their creators, our tutors will give tips on how to: identify and build an audience; utilise the intimacy of audio and elevate the listener experience with sound design; choose the right talent and bring the best out of your podcast host; and use key storytelling techniques that work best with audio and bring out the strength...

The Power of Audio

With a growing audience, enhanced distribution and healthy economic forecast, audio has emerged as a medium flourishing because of digital. Discover the latest developments in consumer behaviour around audio, the evolving audio advertising marketplace, and what's next for audio as digital innovation continues to impact media and advertising. Featuring the Australian Radio Network, Southern Cross Austero, Acast, Audible and Wavemaker.

OpenX: The State of Digital Advertising in 2019

Digital advertising is growing fast, constantly changing and more fragmented than ever. It often feels impossible for marketers to fully grasp the latest consumer media consumption patterns, as well as the emerging technology that makes campaign execution and delivery possible. Kicking off the Brand Innovation Track, OpenX co-Founder Jason Fairchild takes the stage to talk about why we’re seeing an asymmetry in spend today, the impact this dynamic is having on marketers and publishers, and...

Australia's Audio Tipping Point

2019 is set to be Australia's biggest audio & podcast year to date – where advertising revenue is expected to hit record numbers and where traditional publishers and broadcasters have entered the market. But what does this mean for marketers? Acast shares what brands need to know to compete in Australia's audio-on-demand space. The lesson will include a look at this year's industry milestones, marketing best practice and the uniquely Australian opportunity for brands and publishers.

TV’s Tipping Point: Streaming Has Become Mainstream

More people than ever are streaming video content. Whether it be on a smart TV, a mobile phone or any other device, OTT usage has grown to make up a significant portion of all consumer time spent with media, and it’s not slowing anytime soon.

Secrets and Lies: Uncovering the Underbelly of Australia

Presenting one of the first studies of its kind anywhere in the world measuring the distance between what we say to ourselves, each other and the nation, versus what we really think. What are our secrets and what are our lies? What are the public values reported? Or the private truths that are hidden? The study explores several myths that have long existed about the rules of marketing, and we'll be using that as the basis to make several new marketing recommendations from our playbook. Rose...

Who Run the World?

Women across the industry come together to talk roses and thorns of their careers, their greatest triumphs and failures and get the audience fired up and inspired to walk out knowing what it feels like to be a bad-ass leader in this business. Featuring Kate de Brito, Editor in Chief at news.com.au, Sarah O’Carroll Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Finance ANZ at Verizon Media, Sophie Hicks Lloyd Director of Digital Sales at Network 10 and Sunita Rajan Senior Vice President Advertising Sales at CNN.
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