APAC 2019


Twitter: Conversations That Shape Culture

If it’s happening in the world, it’s happening on Twitter. In this lesson, Maya Hari, VP & Managing Director Asia Pacific at Twitter, will provide a glimpse into the role Twitter plays in shaping culture today. Maya will discuss the movements and moments on the platform that have driven change. Former Socceroo captain, Craig Foster will join to share a case study in how he harnessed the power of a hashtag with #SaveHakeem, a global movement to free a young footballer Hakeem al-Araibi, from a...

Young Blood: The New Australia

Krupali Cescau, Brand Director, Amplify and Gus Magee, Associate Creative Director at Amplify, explore the cultural identity of young Australians today. They look at the insights drawn from 2,030 young Aussies about who they are and how they feel about everything from brand ethics or socialising with friends to a future with AI.

People First: Building Ideas that Thrive in a Connected World

Michelle Klein, Facebook’s VP of global business and customer marketing, delves into how marketers, advertisers and brands can build for the future and the key shifts that are driving change and unlocking value across businesses, technology and people.

Connecting with Connected TV

There is no question that TV is the king of building brands. However, with consumers’ behavior and technology advancing rapidly, we cover what issues must improve for wider adoption of CTV advertising, such as targeting, scale and measurement.

Safe Streaming - The Future of Child Focused Digital Advertising

This lesson will explore the children's focused digital advertising space including topics such as user privacy, existing legislation, emerging policies and the rapidly growing CTV child user segment. Daniel Riddell, CTO, at Kidoodle.TV lays out the market.

The Dying Art of Brand Building (And How to Revive It)

In the year 2000, brand advertising represented 61% of ad spend; in 2018, it was just 46% and it continues to shrink. This trend is despite evidence that the most effective balance of long-term and short-term marketing hasn't changed. So why is this happening? And how can businesses break out of this vicious cycle of funnel draining, in turn diminishing the effectiveness and lowering the return on marketing investment? David Buttle, Global Marketing Director, Commercial at Financial Times,...

'The Long and the Short of It', Driving Growth for B2B Marketers

To succeed, marketers need to deliver growth. But what are the strategies delivering maximum growth for companies? LinkedIn Australia & NZ managing director, Matt Tindale, reveals new econometric research on how best to drive growth in B2B. This research comes from Les Binet and Peter Field, the “godfathers of marketing effectiveness” whose seminal report “The Long and the Short of It” has transformed the way companies market.

McDonald's: How to Have a 45+ Year Relationship in Adland

McDonald's and its long-standing agency DDB divulge their secret recipe to a 45+ year relationship in adland. McDonald's director of marketing Jo Feeney and DDB MD of strategy and innovation Leif Stromnes discuss how to make the client/agency marriage work and manage difficult conversations, creativity and the keys to a long-term relationship in an evolving industry.

Pitch For Purpose

Wish you could get a sneak peek inside a pitch? See the best creative and strategic minds in our industry pitch their ‘product with purpose’ live on stage to a panel of expert industry judges who will decide which idea and product will be created and marketed as the industry’s first social commerce project. In this live pitch, candidates have five minutes to demonstrate how their product will grab market share and generate maximum financial returns for UnLtd, our industry’s social purpose...

How Not to F#ck Up a Merger

As the industry evolves, there’s no shortage of buyouts and mergers as businesses attempt to rehabilitate legacy companies and perform acts of matrimony on befitting organisations. Media is arguably the most disrupted sector. This panel will tackle how those at the top navigate change, and build culture and workforces for the future to ensure the new businesses thrive. Whilst we are busy assessing the business outcomes from the bottom line, how do we define success in terms of people,...

The Seven Sins of Supply Chain Transparency

Cam Dinnie outlines the key challenges that marketers face when striving to maximise the quality of programmatic inventory. Bad actors have become more sophisticated and bots aren't the only risk when buyers search for quality supply. This session will highlight how poor inventory quality hides in plain sight and simple steps to increase supply chain transparency.

Is the recent growth in OOH sustainable?

At a time when so many other advertising mediums have been experiencing fragmentation and audience loss in Australia,, out of home has seen steady growth. In this session Areef Vohra from Veridooh will discuss the key factors affecting that growth and whether it is sustainable. We will also look at what's available to clients to take advantage of the mediums growing capabilities.
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