Maureen Tokeson-Martin

Maureen has over 20 years experience working in Public Relations, TV/Film Production and business development. Her love of storytelling has garnered her awards of recognition as a distinguished writer and producer. During the unrest of 2020, she used her storytelling ability to visualize and design a reimagined and improved quality of life for BIPOC living around the world. This led to the successful ideation and creation of Blaq App - a free S.O.S phone app, powered by a civic design. It provides a holistic wellness-based solution that crowdsources safety to create racial equity.

Combined with a social enterprise, Blaq App delivers an additional element of connecting to stakeholders with the value proposition of "gaining the trust" and wallets of black and brown women, whose annual buying power is 3.5 trillion dollars. “Ultimately, racism and bias affects everyone's bottom line and mental health. 1 trillion dollars is lost annually from racism. Through our stakeholders, partners and communities participating in the Blaq App movement, we create a healthy, safer, and more profitable American economy. We fly higher together.”